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Cabrio Pro Comfort module –
open & close convertible top easily

It suddenly starts to rain, you are standing at the traffic light and can not leave until the convertible top fully closed? Are you in a hurry and have to keep the switch pressed down until the convertible top is closed or opened?

Time for more comfort: The Cabrio Pro comfort modules by KUFATEC enable the automatic opening or closing of the convertible top with your radio remote control as well as the one touch of the convertible top switch in the interior. Even while driving - depending on the car model, up to 60 km/h!

Remote control of the convertible
  • 3x press briefly – Convertible top closes
  • 3x press briefly – Convertible top opens

Wireless control

with original car remote control

Just one touch

interior convertible top switch

While driving

open & close cabriolet top

Free updates

software updates inclusive

This is what
the Cabrio Pro modules offer

  • automatically open or close the operation with standard radio remote control
  • one touch interior convertible top switch - no need to hold it anymore
  • opening and closing of convertible top while driving up to 60 km/h depending on the car model
  • no interruption when starting or stopping the engine
  • all time safety through the possibility of manual interruption of the process
  • module can be updated
  • quiescent current below 0,03 mA (< 0,36 watts at 12 V voltage)
  • E-certification
Cabrio Pro App - KUFATEC Link

All settings with free
smartphone app

Conveniently configure your convertible top module with your smartphone! The KUFATEC Link App connects to the module via Bluetooth.

Easily make all the settings for your module using the app on your phone. All functions offered by the Carbio module can be adapted via smartphone. For example, if you have functions that you want to activate or deactivate like the hazard warning lights or set the maximum speed at which the roof can be opened while driving (if possible with module/vehicle).

Convertibles with available
comfort modules

SPECIAL: For expanding our offerings, we are looking for test vehicles in which we can install, test and adapt our Cabrio Pro modules. With this promotion you will get the Cabrio Pro module completely free of charge including installation! This means you just have to come to us.

Do you own a convertible that is not in our list yet and would like to provide us your vehicle?

Request installation date