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Porsche 997 (911) Cabrio Detail

Cabrio Pro comfort module
for Porsche 997 Convertible

The Cabrio Pro module for the Porsche 997 Convertible offers you numerous new functions for simplifying the opening and closing of the convertible top.

The comfort module is installed under the roof rack. The new convertible top options are very comfortable and they also enhance your vehicle. With your original Porsche radio remote control you can open or close the top at the push of a button. You only have to press the interior switch once and the convertible top opens or closes automatically.

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Function overview of
Convertible modules for Porsche 997 Cabriolet

Cabrio Pro Module forr Porsche 997

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 12 Volt (8–15 Volt)
Power consumption: 90 mA
Standby current: < 0,03 mA
Dimensions: 54 mm x 45 mm x 22 mm
Certification: E13 10R-05-3950

Scope of delivery:
Cabrio Pro module
Cable set

Installation manual download:

Remote control convertible top open and closeRemote control for convertible top: open and close convertible top with standard car key

convertible top switch one touchOne touch: convertible top switch does not need to be pressed continuously anymore

Fenster schließen bei VerdeckschließungWindow operation: windows automatically open or close again with the process

Automatic completion of the opening or closing operationNo interruption: the process continues when the engine is started or stopped

Open and close while drivingWhile driving: open and close the convertible top with a speed up to 40 km/h

Stops when speed is exceededSafety function: if the speed is exceeded, the process interrupts briefly

Zeit in Geschwindigkeitsbereich zurückzukehrenComfortable: get back to max. speed in 10 seconds and the process will continue automatically

Process is stopping if you wantSafety: pressing the remote control or the convertible switch again the process stops

Warnblinker bei Öffnungs- und Schließvorgang auch deaktivierbarSignaling: warning lights while opening or closing (can be deactivated)

Status LED lights on the modulelStatus LED: the module has LED lights for checking the status

Free updates with USB conenctionFree updates: module can always be updated with USB connection

Passive ModePassive mode: Activation, deactivation possible with the lever of the board computer